Candice Gutherie-Weston


Founder/psychic of I.C.U. Paranormal. Even in early childhood Candice Gutherie-Weston experienced psychic and spiritual phenomena. It wasn't until Candice was twelve that she realized her experiences were not a normal part of life for most people. At that point she learned to push back her abilities and interactions for many years. When Candixe was twenty-five she encountered a spirit that insistantly reached out to her, this re-awakened her psychic and medium abilities which led her to researching spiritual phenomena and using her abilities to help anyone who reached out to her. In 2019 Candice founded Investigator's Collective of the Unseen Paranormal (I.C.U. Paranormal) and has assisted several other groups with events and investigations. Candice has made it her goal to help others through guidance, charity fund raisers, volunteering, and bringing the paranormal community together to achieve the best results in research and helping our communities, and to lead the way through team work and education for our next generation of paranormal investigators. 

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Carly Hall


Investigator/psychic of I.C.U. Paranormal. Carly grew up in the small town of Cambridge in Upstate New York. Carly has always been curious about the paranormal ever since she was a child. She had spent her time watching more paranormal shows than she can count, excited to see captured evidence of the unknown. After a personal event regarding her family, Carly dove headfirst into learning even more about the paranormal which had pushed her down a path that she had never expected. This led to wonderful new connections and experiences that she treasures every day. She is always looking to help others and jumps at any opportunity to do so, no matter the situation. In her free time, Carly loves to read and work on art projects. She currently works as a Surgical Technologist throughout the week at the Bone and Joint Center Center in Albany. Carly is also an online gamer on Twitch where she goes by the gamer hanle "Thisfruitcake2".

Jack Kenna


Co-Founder/investigator of I.C.U. Paranormal. 
Investigator, Tech Specialist, Author, Writer, Public Figure, New York Chapter. Born in Troy, NY in January 1963, Jack grew up in an area rich in history, legends, and documented haunted graveyards, historical buildings and Revolutionary Battlefields.  Jack’s interest in the paranormal started at a very young age. This was driven by the fact that his mother had many experiences of her own which she often relayed to him.  The home he grew up in and now raises his family in also helped to peak his interest in the paranormal, in addition to his wife and their seven children it is also home to what he refers to as a friendly spirit, which seems to keep an eye out for the family.  In more recent years his interest in the paranormal was rekindled by the TV series Ghost Hunters and the scientific investigation methods utilized by TAPS. These methods are very similar to the type of engineering and scientific methods that Jack has been using on a daily basis for the past thirty plus years in his career as a Senior Engineering Technician and project leader for the Department of the Army. Beyond his technical expertise for the Army, Jack brings to the SPIRITS team his video and audio skills from 6 years of running his own part-time videography business, as well as his computer and website design skills from 7 years of running his own part-time computer repair, training and web design business. Since 2011 Jack has also been writing paranormal articles and stories for Paranormal Underground, and as of 2017 he has also been writing for Living Paranormal Magazine published by Boleyn Paranormal in the UK. Jack also published his first book in September of 2017 titled SPIRITS of New England: Hauntings, Ghosts & Demons which is a semi-fictional work based on several of the SPIRITS teams investigations. His next book titled Paranormal Research: Building a Strong Team will be published in June 2018 by Schiffer publishing in Pennsylvania. In 2015 Jack, along with illustrator Alex Cormack, completed work on the first issue of a new comic book series based on the teams investigations, this first book is titled S.P.I.R.I.T.S. - The Forgotten Souls of Bay Path. He has also appeared in numerous episodes of of the television series Paranormal Survivor and Haunted Case Files, as well as on Haunted Hospitals (S1), and A Haunting (S10 E98). These shows are produced by Our House Media (OHM), Bristow Global Media (BGM), and New Dominion Pictures and air in Canada (T&E Network), the U.S.A. on cable networks Destination America and The Travel Channel and also in the UK and Europe.