Click this link to meet our team. While our team is small our combined experience and abilities more than make up our size. We also have one of the most well respected and capable investigators in the paranormal on our team, Mr. Jack Kenna. 

If you are experiencing a haunting and want help please contact us, we are here to help. If you are new to the paranormal and are in search of training you can reach out to us as well and we will try to assist you.

07-08 June 2021

Paranormal 3.0 at OSPHPRC, South Pittsburg, TN 37380

"Investigator's Collective of the Unseen Paranormal does its best to provide numerous ways and venues for people to reach us and for us to reach out to them. We are always expanding our social media accounts where and when it makes sense. Social media is just one of the means we use to both help and educate people regarding the paranormal.


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Investigator's Collective of the Unseen Paranormal is a collection of individuals that seek answers of the unseen and unknown.  Not only for ourselves, but also with the intent of helping others seeking the same.

We also work towards educating the general public about the difference between actual paranormal activity, hauntings, spirits, demons, and other entities and how it is portrayed on television and in the movies. The misconception by the public that every haunting is demonic or evil is one of the largest issues and hurtles that faces our paranormal community. Only through continued educational events and classes will we overcome this problem.

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